Free SQL Learning Resources

The practice Guide to Learn SQL with Exercise, Projects and Applications. This section is designed for everyone who like to pursue in SQL.

This learning section is for just about anyone responsible for the performance of the system.

Pro T-SQL 2019

Solving Toward Speed, Scalability, and Standardization for SQL Server Developers

SQL Server 2017 Query Performance Tuning

This Material is about Troubleshoot and Optimize Query Performance.

Microsoft® SQL Server® Database Design and Optimization

These material are aimed at those students seeking to enter the workforce, change jobs, or embark on new careers as information workers, IT professionals, and developers.

Query Store for SQL Server 2019

Identify and Fix Poorly Performing Queries. This material is about the Query Store feature built into SQL Server 2019

The SQL Workshop

Throughout The SQL Workshop, you’ll take an engaging step-by-step approach to understanding SQL programming.

Pro SQL Server 2019 Wait Statistics

A Practical Guide to Analyzing Performance in SQL Server. This material is my attempt to help you understand SQL Server wait statistics.

Dynamic SQL

Applications, Performance, and Security in Microsoft SQL Server. Anyone with a healthy interest in database administration or development can benefit from this material.

Querying Data with Transact-SQL

This book is organized by the “Skills measured” list published for the exam. The “Skills measured” list is available for each exam on the Microsoft Learning website

Expert T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2019

The Hidden Secret to Fast Analytic and Reporting Queries. This Material is meant for people who already have good T-SQL skills. 

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Coming soon!